Hi, I'm Kate! 

I am a researcher, musician, writer, climber, and adventurer. Happiest outdoors, I am obsessed with asking questions, growing communities, and undertaking big challenges. I have lived on four different continents, but right now am calling California home. 

I research, write, and photograph on the themes of music/sound, space/land and the outdoors, digital communities, and cultural identities. 

My research interests include music and space, digital cultural exchange, intangible cultural heritage, migration and diaspora, music and resistance, and dance. Of course, I am particularly interested in where those things meet. The more the merrier! 

Within music, I am a pianist, accordionist, and singer, and have studied music performance, ethnomusicology, and music in development. 

My music research interests include Filipino and Filipino-American music, Congolese traditional music and dance, Western classical/art music and new/avant garde classical movements, 80s/90s electronic and current electronic genres, global hip-hop/rap, and American bluegrass and folk. 


All photos on this site were taken by Kate, unless otherwise attributed.